Home décor with a purpose of repurposing.

House Warming

tiles coastersOne thing you can count on finding at any salvage yard is tile. Unfortunately, you’ll likely find only dribs and drabs, and not enough to tile much of anything. So, what to do with a box of tiles you just couldn’t pass up? Make coasters of course!

As with most items found at the salvage yard, tiles will probably need a good scrubbing with warm soapy water before turning them into coasters. In fact, if I hadn’t literally stumbled over this box of hand-glazed tiles, I wouldn’t have looked close enough to see what glory existed beneath the layer of dirt and grime.

Once I got the tiles sparkling clean, the beauty of the crackled glaze revealed itself. (I’m sorry my iPhone 4 doesn’t do it justice). Next, I cut and glued cork sheets to the bottom of each tile, then bundled them into sets, using simple twine and “repurposely” gift tags made from recycled hanging folders (see images below).

These sets will make sweet gifts for hosts/hostesses, house warmings, or just about any occasion. I mean, who doesn’t need coasters? (Besides me, obviously). Plus, there’s something extra special about giving and receiving handmade gifts, even if you aren’t the maker.

Note: I’m still hunting for enough salvage tile to redo our bathroom floor and shower surround. I might have to get creative. Stay tuned, and wish me luck.

box of salvage tilecutting cork matmaking gift tagscork pad on coaster

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6 responses to “House Warming”

  1. Bill Tobin says:

    They look good enough to eat.

  2. jenny Thomas says:

    So clever and beautiful!

  3. Lynn Streit says:

    Perfect to rest a summer cocktail!

  4. Jane says:

    What a great idea! They look lovely and practical too.

  5. Frances says:

    I am wondering where you got the cork. Is that at any crafting store? Also what kind of glue did you use? Thanks!

    • nickytdesigns@gmail.com says:

      Hi Frances. Yes, the cork comes in a role, and you can find it at craft stores. You can also use self-adhesive cork or felt “dots” if you want something quick and easy. I used E6000 as an adhesive (also found at the craft store).

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