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Half Off

table cut in twoSometimes the parts are worth more than the whole. As was the case with this dining table. At first, I was drawn to its details and unique design, and thought, with a few coats of fashionable blue paint, it would be a quick sale.

Though, it soon became clear, the “unique design” had a fatal flaw. The beautiful curved pieces that connected the legs made it impossible to move a chair close enough to sit comfortably. Not to mention, the leaves were missing. Stupid table!

Ok. Trying not to be negative, I decided to focus on the table’s attributes, and quickly realized it’s purpose in life is not to be a dining table, but an entry table. Of course! Thanks to a special Redux volunteer, the table was sawed in half that evening.

Now, here it is: the new, very smart, three legged table, simply held in place with two easy-to-install wall brackets. Originally $200 as a dining table, now “half off” as an entry table. (Literally, it’s priced at $100. Ha!)
entry table

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2 responses to “Half Off”

  1. Bill Tobin says:

    Very creative….One of my favorites!

  2. Lynn says:

    Your creativity soars! This is great. Want one… one half, that is.

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