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Old is New

IMG_5348Sometimes little projects get lost in my big pile of big projects. Ex: These two metal napkin holders have been laying around my studio for years. I knew I was going to spray paint them, but I guess it took me awhile to figure out what color, and for what use.

Once I started thinking about it, I realized the napkin holders could have many uses. My first idea was to use them as postcard holders for art shows and events, or to hold a pile of photos (if I ever had any printed). They could also be used to hold bills or notecards. And of course, they could be used as napkin holders.

One of the holders seemed a bit more masculine and had a nice patina on its base, so I only sprayed the top portion (matte black). The other I decided to “fem-up” in springtime green. Masculine or feminine, big or small, transforming something into an attractive useful object is always a rewarding experience.

Tip: when spray painting metal, start with a good foundation by sanding and priming the surface before painting.

black napkin holder

metal napkin holder

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4 responses to “Old is New”

  1. Lynn Streit says:

    Love that green!

  2. Evelyn says:

    This is cool! I like the vintage look

  3. LV says:

    Love those. Great Nicky.

  4. jenny Thomas says:

    Once again… so adorable!

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