Home décor with a purpose of repurposing.

Making an Entrance

Store entrance


o you ever wonder what draws you into a store, or do you just follow the gravitational pull of retail? When styling a storefront, I like to create some sort of magnetic force that sucks people in. One way to achieve this is to create what I call, “the funnel effect.” Keep things relatively symmetrical on either side of the doors, use eye-catching colors and merchandise, and welcoming mat. Then, angle the doors as if they’re the sides of a funnel. Sit back and watch the customers tumble in.

BTW, the planters in this photo are a “repurposely” project. I found the planters at the salvage yard (surprise!). They were covered in 70’s faux paneling and in pretty bad shape. I brought them back to Redux with an old weathered piece of fence and some very scrappy molding. Manager, Chris Rummell, clad the planters with the weathered fence wood, and my husband and I framed the top with the old-y molding.

(The featured artist in the window is one of my favorite studio neighbors, Jo Anne Yada. She is incredibly gifted and diverse in her art. Check out what she’s been up to here.)

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