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Tumbled Path


while ago, someone gave me a collection of broken teapots. I’ve heard of people collecting teapots, but never broken teapots! I thought it strange, but knew I could do something with them. So, they sat around my workshop for a good 6 months before I got the brilliant idea of tumbling them in my cement mixer. (I’ve seen it done before, so I’m not a pioneer in this line of thinking.) I created an ocean environment in my mixer with sand, water, and small rocks, then added the teapots which I smashed into smaller pieces ahead of time. I knew the dust from broken ceramic can be toxic to breath, so I was sure to cover the mixer opening with a sheet of plastic, wore a mask, and cleaned all surfaces with water when I was done. Next time, I might consider earplugs as well, because when that mixer is on, it is LOUD. Also, I had to choose a time when I thought my neighbors were off to work or out of the house since the mixer ran for about 3 hours. This tumbled ceramic is a nice surprise in the garden or in a planter, and is reminiscent of lazy, beach combing days.
tumbled ceramic ground covertumbled ceramics in a plantertumbled ceramic on a platterbroken teapots

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One response to “Tumbled Path”

  1. Jane says:

    Great idea!

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