Home décor with a purpose of repurposing.

A Circle is Round

curtain ring ornaments with recycled glass


here’s something special about the shape of a circle. It represents the cycle of life, unity, wholeness, and of course friendship (sing it Girl Scouts!). I guess that’s why this shape is so important around the holidays, and why I’m drawn to using wooden curtain rings for “repurposely” ornaments. This year, I combined the rings with recycled glass beads from a deconstructed wind chime (no one could stand the sound it made). I’m inspired by the beach-y, natural look of the ornaments.

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One response to “A Circle is Round”

  1. Lynn Streit says:

    You’ve got me in the (dare I say… Christmas) spirit, Nicky! Love these and your cards. Please keep doing what you do… turning everything you touch into GOLD.

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